CONBODY is a prison style fitness bootcamp that hires formerly incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes. CONBODY, developed by former inmate Coss Marte, is the ultimate no-equipment, workout program. Using military-style bodyweight training techniques that he learned in prison, Coss was able to lose 70 pounds in six months with nothing but the walls and floor of his 9-by-6 prison cell.

CONBODY's real message is about prison reform. Our mission is to bridge a gap between two communities: young professionals and formerly incarcerated individuals. We partner with non-profit organizations to provide resources (educational, housing, employment, and mentorship) to former inmates. CONBODY has hired over 40 former inmates and has a 0% recidivism rate.

The Workout: Cardio, HIIT, strength training, and metabolic conditioning all in one class using only your body weight.